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The gastronomy on the go... Anytime and anywhere

This machine has been created with the utmost care to ensure product satisfaction. DESIGNED and MADE IN FRANCE, this innovative device draws on the traditional heritage of French expertise and the French way of life.

It allows you to cook, re-heat and grill food no matter where you are.

You can use one APERO CHEESE machine or several at the same time for friendly get-togethers.

Apero Cheese can be used to prepare any type of cheese or to sear prawns, scallops and meat.

You can also use it to make pan-cake, crêpes and cook eggs. Not forgetting small vegetables such as peppers, mushrooms, ...

 The fuel gel has been tested and approved with great care, it heats at a temperature of 260 °.

Assembly of the appliance in 10 seconds.

1 - Place the wooden base on a flat, stable surface

2 - Insert the lower legs

3 - Insert the upper legs

4 - Place the fuel gel container or burner in the centre of the legs (the fuel gel container must be open when put into position)

5 - Complete the assembly process by installing the APERO CHEESE metal disc support on top of the legs.

6 - Light the gel fuel using a match or lighter before placing the frying pan on the stove.


At home or outdoor, on a table or a plaid, on a beach or in the mountains, on a campsite or by boat ...

It is up to you to invent the decor of your future moment of pleasure


Taste it !


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